A downloadable sweet game for Windows

Join Sam and Daisy on their playful adventure in a strange and whimsical world. Catch monsters in your magical net and use their abilities as you move through the levels to find and catch your friend. Be careful when you drop off monsters - you might need them more than once!

You can choose to play as either Sam or Daisy - or you can change between the two throughout the game by returning to the main menu!


Left arrow = Move left
Right arrow = Move right
Z = Jump
X = Attack/action
C = Catch


R = Reset level
P = Pause game
M = Toggle music & SFX
(a few more shortcuts are described in the game)



Game design by Lone & Simon
Programming by Simon
Graphics by Lone
Audio editing by Lone

Music by Kevin Mcleod
SFX by various creators (individual credits in game zip) 

Magical regards, Tongue Seers

Updated, Improved Version

If you download and play the Post-Jam Edition we have made a few minor changes based on the feedback from the jam. You can now jump across the impossible gap in the beginning, and generally coyotying has been added to jumps. Also foliage has been added to the last level.


Sam & Daisy Go Hide & Seek - GameJam Edition.zip 55 MB
Sam & Daisy Go Hide & Seek - Post-Jam Edition.zip 55 MB

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