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Play as Bingo the assistance dog in this turn based, board game looking bundle of fun!

Note: This version of the game has been updated after the game jam of which it was part. The original game before fixes and optimization can be found here.


  1. Make sure residents are happy by helping them with toilet visits, getting food, breaking up fights, and relieving boredom
  2. Keep yourself a happy boy - pets equals bonus movement points
  3. A bark a day keeps the Reaper at bay - make sure he doesn't get his harvest
  4. Don't let residents with dementia leave the home


Point and click with the mouse, get an overview of the retirement home by dragging the view around and use the scroll wheel (or zoom buttons) to zoom in and out.

  • Click the paw prints next to Bingo to move Shortcut: Arrow keys
  • Click the "Give Paw" icon in the top left to give paw to a resident (this will give extra movement points once per turn and turn the resident not-angry) Shortcut: 1
  • Click the "Leash" icon in the top left to get leashed to / unleash from a resident (Bingo will have limited movement, but the resident will follow him) Shortcut: 2
  • Click the "Bark" icon in the top left to bark (this will scare away the Reaper and it will make residents move away from you (and anger them)) Shortcut: 3
  • Click the "Item" icon in the top left to pick up or use an item (balls or food can be given to residents) Shortcut: 4
  • When you cannot move anymore and don't want to perform more actions, click the "End Turn" icon in the bottom right (this will end your turn and let the residents have theirs) Shortcut: Enter



Bingo of Bridgeville Acres - Post-Jam Version.zip 3 MB

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